Brodhead Music Typography

Digital music engraving via the Score® program,
the world's most comprehensive music typography system

Brodhead Music Typography is in its twenty-second year of offering a complete range of music engraving services, including the creation of full score and parts for: well as solo pieces of any complexity. Recent projects include:

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Engraving examples in PDF format

See Engraving Examples for PDFs of music engraving examples.

Auxiliary programs for use with Score

Brodhead Music Typography authors auxiliary programs for use with Score®: LABELS, VJ, LJ, BEAM, ACCS, EDITSCOR, EPSFONTS, SETGRAY, SETCOLOR, FREE UTILITIES,

What is the SCORE program, anyway?

Read Thomas Weber's excellent overview of Score for a clear explanation.

Having trouble installing Score on Windows XP?

Read INSTALLING SCORE ON WINDOWS XP for step-by-step instructions that should work in most cases.

Trying to run SCORE or SCOR4 in Window7, Vista, or Win8/8.1? Even the 64bit versions?

See Running Score on *ANY* Windows platform using DosBox for complete installation instructions, including links to necessary files.

Are the bounding boxes in SCORE's EPS files shearing off the tops of your title text or shearing off other things?

See Ghostscript Install And EPS Bounding Box Fix for complete solution.

Having trouble getting XP to recognize your Type 1 PostScript fonts?

Read Registering Type1 PostScript fonts in Windows XP for step-by-step instructions on how to overcome this problem.

Having trouble printing from Score to a USB-connected printer?

Read PRINTING FROM SCORE TO A USB PORT for step-by-step instructions on how to overcome this problem.

Having trouble understanding the DRAW program?

Read Tom Brodhead's DRAW essay for detailed information on how to negotiate DRAW effectively.

Did you know that Score's point sizes are wrong?

Score's PT command creates point sizes that are slightly larger than the standard PostScript point size. Read The Problem with Score's Point Sizes for a detailed history of point sizes and a formula for creating accurate point sizes in Score.

Tips, tricks, and free info on PostScript, PDF, and fonts

Ever need a free utility to combine a sequence of Score-generated EPS files into a single PDF file? Read PostScript Info for Score Users for free utilities and other information.

Confused about writing chords with 2nds?

Have you ever wanted a simple, step-by-step instruction for stacking notes in chords with 2nds? Look no further...

Left-click to view, or right-click to download CHORDS.PDF

LABELS -- The world's most comprehensive full score editor!

Find out about LABELS!

VJ -- SCORE's VJ+HS routine on steroids!

Find out about VJ!

LJ -- The world's most comprehensive horizontal music spacing program!

Find out about LJ!

BEAM -- The world's most comprehensive music beaming program!

Find out about BEAM!

ACCS -- The world's most comprehensive accidental arranging program!

Find out about ACCS!

EDITSCOR -- The world's most sophisticated conditional editor for use with SCORE!

Find out about EDITSCOR!

EPSFONTS -- A program that embeds Type1 fonts into EPS files, rendering downloading unnecessary and ensuring PDFs have the right fonts!

Find out about EPSFONTS!

SETGRAY -- A program that greatly simplifies setting items--any item or items!--in grayscale in SCORE!

Find out about SETGRAY!

SETCOLOR -- A program that allows you to set items--any item or items!--in RGB color or CMYK color in SCORE!

Find out about SETCOLOR!

FREE UTILITIES -- Yes! Brodhead Music Typography offers FREE UTILITIES!

Find out about our FREE UTILITIES!

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